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We undertake turnkey installation and maintenance of Solar PV Systems. As the Authorised Business Associate of M/s Moser Baer Solar Ltd, we have the capability to design and execute all kinds of PV systems – from small lighting systems to huge Mega-Watt solar farms.

We can help you convert your house/shop/office in to an eco-friendly, energy saving, solar space where you would generate your own energy. In such solar installations, we would exhort you to use energy saving LED lights in place of conventional lights. A 200 Sqr.Mtr (~2000 Sq.Ft.) home can be well illuminated with less than 100W LED light. That is equivalent to the energy used by 2 conventional tube lights! Moreover, these lights have a very long life. Just think about the savings you would make when you switch to solar power with LED lighting. Isn’t it good to know that you are also contributing to keep mother-nature clean and green.

With the support by State-Union Governments, these systems are well within your reach.

Come, talk to us. Let’s give our children a better tomorrow.


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